foot injury
Procedures to treat foot and ankle injuries vary greatly based on the injury type and patient. The Advanced Foot and Ankle Team strives to provide personalized treatment solutions tailored to your patient history, lifestyle, and injury.

Non-Operative Treatments

Many foot and ankle injuries can be treated effectively without surgery. Our physicians and physical therapists will help your recover functionality and reduce pain the right way, to keep you stronger longer. Examples of non-operative treatments include:

  • Bracing
    • Bracing reduces or eliminates strains on injured areas, allowing them to heal completely and correctly. Proper bracing reduces the threat of long term side effects from injuries.
  • Wound Healing
    • Lacerations and other injuries are prone to infection and scarring. Our team will help you heal in a way that looks and feels better.
  • Medication Management
    • Our experts will help identify, administer, and manage a medication regimen desired to help you achieve your desired outcome while reducing pain.
  • Physical Therapy
    • Our Physical Therapy Center, overseen by foot and ankle specialists, aids in safe recovery via strengthening and flexibility exercises, holistic treatments, and therapeutic ultrasound all in a state of the art facility.
  • Injection Treatments
    • These include Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), Steroids, and joint fluid replacement to treat damaged joints and facilitate healthier, more functional feet and ankles.
  • EPAT
    • Also known as Shockwave Therapy, this is a highly effective treatment for heel pain.


Surgical Procedures

When more conservative treatments are inadequate, surgical intervention is offered. Individualized plans based on patient history and anatomy are developed by the Foot and Ankle Institute’s own Dr. Alison DeWaters, board-certified foot and ankle surgeon. Career foot and ankle specialist Dr. DeWaters has extensive experience, including complex reconstructive surgery , diabetic reconstruction, total ankle replacement, arthroscopic procedures, and management of lower extremity trauma.

If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, reduced mobility, or struggling to recover from a recent injury, request an appointment today. We look forward to guiding your road to recovery!

Twenty-six joints make up the foot and ankle, making this one of the most interesting structures in the entire body--and also, one of the most vulnerable. Injuries and pain in the foot and joint area can be debilitating, even immobilizing. Our experts are here to help you find your footing, and identify a course of treatment that will allow you to hit the ground running.