New Jersey Foot and Ankle — We Treat a Wide Range of Foot & Ankle Conditions for Those in the Freehold, NJ, Area

The feet have the crucial job of providing the body with support, balance, and mobility while bearing its entire weight. Therefore, it’s probably not surprising that there are thousands of foot and ankle injuries reported in the United States each day. With 26 small bones and 33 joints, the foot is an incredibly complex extremity, and ample expertise is required when treating injuries and conditions affecting this area of the body. At New Jersey Foot and Ankle, which operates under the umbrella of Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute in Freehold, New Jersey, our board-certified physicians and surgeons are highly trained, skilled, and experienced in treating a multitude of foot injuries and conditions that can arise through physical activity or everyday wear and tear.

Since our founding in 2007, the foot and ankle specialists at AOSMI in Freehold, NJ, have been offering preventative, corrective, and rehabilitative treatments to help patients overcome pain and discomfort due to a range of foot and ankle conditions, including stress fractures, ankle instability, sprains and strains, cartilage damage and arthritis, Achilles tendinitis, foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoes, and anterior and posterior impingement. We also specialize in salvaging limbs and promoting recovery from amputations due to diabetes or other trauma. Our specialists understand how debilitating these foot and ankle conditions can be, which is why we are dedicated to using cutting-edge advances and individualized care to restore our patients’ mobility and get them back to a more active lifestyle.

The New Jersey Foot and Ankle Specialists Take a Comprehensive Approach to Foot and Ankle Care

At AOSMI, we place a strong emphasis on using conservative therapies whenever possible, and we help many patients recover from foot conditions by providing treatments such as stress fracture treatment, wound healing, medication management, physical therapy, injection treatments, and EPAT® (shockwave therapy).

If conservative methods do not provide you with sufficient relief, our board-certified foot and ankle surgeon – who was voted ‘One of the Best Podiatrists’ by the Asbury Park Press and has extensive experience in performing a number of complex surgeries — can develop an individualized treatment plan for you based on your history and anatomy. We will also follow up with the most effective medications, bracing techniques, and physical therapy to help ensure that you make a full recovery. Furthermore, if you are injured and seeking immediate treatment for pain in your heel, ankle, or any other part of your foot, we are often able to schedule same-day appointments and can provide urgent care services for your convenience.

If you are looking for relief for your foot or ankle pain, contact AOSMI’s Foot and Ankle center in Freehold, NJ, today. We would be happy to provide you with additional information and schedule an appointment for you with one of our specialists.


Non-Operative Treatments

Many foot and ankle injuries can be treated effectively without surgery.

Surgical Procedures

When more conservative treatments are inadequate, surgical intervention is offered.

Twenty-six joints make up the foot and ankle, making this one of the most interesting structures in the entire body--and also, one of the most vulnerable. Injuries and pain in the foot and joint area can be debilitating, even immobilizing. Our experts are here to help you find your footing, and identify a course of treatment that will allow you to hit the ground running.